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Different Categories Of POS Systems For Restaurants

The type of restaurant you run, your payment processing needs, and your location will all play a role in determining the category of POS system you choose. You can either select:

·         A Traditional restaurant POS system

·         A Cloud-based restaurant POS system

·        Traditional restaurant POS system

Traditional restaurant point of sale systems has been around for decades. These systems are also referred to as ‘legacy’ or ‘on-premise systems.’ Traditional restaurant POS systems are normally operated by a server that’s located at the restaurant. Payment processing is done through this server and doesn’t require an internet connection. The terminals in a traditional restaurant point of sale systems are stationary and can’t be moved around easily.

You should think about the following if you’re considering a traditional POS system for restaurant:

·       You’ll need to pay a license fee upfront.

·       The system needs to be installed at your restaurant by a technician.

·       You’ll need to arrange for the system to be maintained on a monthly basis.

·       You can get access to your data at your restaurant anytime you need it.

Traditional cash registers may still have a place in some smaller retail establishments, but they are, by their very nature, extremely limiting. This is particularly true when it comes to the hospitality industry. The right POS system Australia can help any restaurant reach its full potential, and even the most experienced restaurateurs will see the benefits. Of course, for the best results, you need to choose the right POS system for your type of business.

·       Cloud-based restaurant POS system

Cloud-based restaurant POS systems work by transferring information from your restaurant via the internet to a remote server. Mobile point of sale restaurant technology, like Square, is an example of a cloud-based solution for restaurants. Mobile POS systems allow flexibility because they’re portable and can be carried by servers to your customer.

You should think about the following when deciding whether a cloud-based POS system is best for your restaurant:

·       The system will be automatically updated with the latest software upgrades.

·       You’ll be able to accept new types of payments like chip and PIN.

·       You have access to the data you need wherever you are (using any device).

·       The system can integrate with your existing apps and systems.

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Restaurant Tips Summary: If you’re getting started, make sure your restaurant management the system has all the features that you need to run your business at an affordable price.


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