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How Food And Hospitality Can Flourish In The Next Normal?

The pandemic has been a roller-coaster ride but the Food and Beverage Industry is one of those prime sectors which are starting to recover rapidly. The craving of eating outside is being fulfilled by online food deliveries and in some areas, by takeaways.

Monitoring the current trends, a report by Statista claims that the industry will see a 7.5% spike by 2024. It is evident that there won’t be a decline in delivery trends anytime soon. After all, people like to munch delicious food every now and then!

Let’s throw some light on the food and hospitality and how it’s bound to flourish in the coming days.

Importance of Safety

Customers can either make you or break you! Success in most businesses largely depends on customer satisfaction. With increasing awareness and people becoming hygiene-conscious, it is the need of the hour to maintain high safety standards.

Maintain the cleanliness and make sure you are sanitizing the environment twice or thrice a day according to the traffic you are receiving. Social media promotions in this regard also play a significant role. Utilize this time to spread brand awareness and let people know that you care for their health.

Lately, it has been observed that 70% of people prefer placing orders through a restaurant/cafe’s native branded app. The Internet has given the revolutionary digital marketing tool which can act wonders. So get yourself a social media marketer and organize marketing campaigns for better reach.

How To Offer the Best Hospitality To Your Customers?

  1. Focus on Local Customers:

If you are still reading, you must have understood that the customer base is the driving source of any business.

But what kind of customers should you target?

For the time being, focusing on local customers should be your priority. They will be the ones who’ll help you compensate for the lost business. Further, it is highly unlikely that regular international flights would be resumed any time soon.

To cater to the needs of your current consumers, record their preferences and frequency for initial months by using a good POS system. Once you acquire the data, you can move forward with curating personalized offers, discounts, and loyalty programs.

Remember, a happy customer is a key to success!

  1. Change the layout:

How about giving a fresh magical touch to your restaurant’s ambiance?

You need not renovate the place entirely. Just organize tables differently, add some decorative items to enhance the look, choose a theme and set up what is appropriate according to the surroundings.

It’s important to make a few changes in the menu and dishes as well. Introduce some new delicious and mouth-watering dishes. Let them know you welcome changes with a dash of creativity. That new taste will keep them coming to you again and again!

  1. Train your Staff for Safety:

This one is yet another thing you should never miss! Take adequate safety measures and promote your staff to do the same. Essentials like masks, washing hands every hour, spraying cleaners should be your priority. For this, it is important to train your staff in the right way. Make sure they follow all the norms.

Safety should not be compromised, no matter what! After all, if you don’t maintain proper sanitization, it hampers your reputation.

  1. Use Technology to reduce contact:

During these hard times, minimizing physical interaction is the priority. One way you can accomplish this is by using fully-fledged technology. Instead of a hard menu, place tablets on each table with Bluetooth pens. This way, each order would be just a click away and the information could be received immediately.

To make this process smooth, AIPOS has incorporated the same in the features already. It has an easy-to-use interface that can be easily accessed by staff and customers.

Don’t forget to sanitize the pens and tablets after each use!

  1. Feedbacks and Complaints:

Did they detest something? Or were they pleased by the hospitality? Don’t ever hesitate to ask for their feedback. Reviews keep you going and help you identify the room for improvement. You can ask them to leave a review on the tablet itself.

This way you can ensure that the reviews are genuine and you’ll know how you can make your services better.


Customers are your valuable assets and we have been stressing on this in all our blogs. Look after them and they’ll look after you

Further, it would be better if you invest in smart work rather than hard work. AIPOS, a fully-optimized system has an easy to use interface and helps food-based business owners to track sales and performance along with some advanced customized features. To know more about our services, visit here!


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