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POS Systems Explained – Top 5 Tips For Restaurants

1. What to seem For during a Hospitality System.

POS Systems specially designed for restaurants will have features built specifically for that environment. Most POS systems contain many good features but might not cater for detailed fine dining menu planning, complex meal orders, reservations, client retention, integrated home delivery then on. Any good restaurant POS Systems should be ready to cater to these everyday operational needs.

2. Management Information – How Can It Help?

Owner/managers need tight control over table accounts, cost of products, cash float, and staff. All of this is often required on top of keeping competition cornered and managing growing amounts of business information. Most POS system Australia offers powerful reporting to attach and manage all of your activities. Reporting is vital to see where your money goes and may help reduce this burden of data overload.

3. Meeting The Customer Loyalty Challenge

With the growing need for client retention, easy use email, SMS, or mail promotions should be a key function of any POS system. Loyalty campaigns mustn’t always be cash-based. Soft rewards like good table reservations or just recognizing returning customers by name have a high value. a totally integrated central member database should support targeted marketing, instant coupons, points schemes, coupons, purchase-related benefits, and more. Systems should even be continually updated at no extra charge as new technologies emerge.

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4. What New Systems Can Help Streamline A Business?

CCTV, Paging, and wireless handhelds are fashionable for our restaurant customers. CCTV can assist you to keep an eye fixed on your business from anywhere. All you would like is an online connection to look at live or recorded footage. When integrated to POS, you’ll see who sold what, when, and at what price. Wireless POS handhelds are like automated waiter pads. they ought to incorporate an equivalent software and style because of the main POS system. Handhelds can assist you to sell more on the ground, reduce staff costs, and boost table turnover. Bistro or gaming paging systems offer similar cost reduction benefits.

5. What About Speed, Reliability & Scalability?

We would always recommend selecting a system that has been tried and tested widely. Our Restaurant POS systems have been installed in over 30,000 venues worldwide. this provides us and our customers the safety of knowing that each feature they’ll need has already been catered for, tried, and thoroughly tested. Smaller systems often exclude necessary features, the power to be scalable or be bug-free.


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