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Benefits of Online ordering restaurant app

Customers, using their computer or Smartphone, access a restaurant’s menu online, make their selections, and place an order. By the time a customer arrives at the restaurant, their food is packaged and ready for pickup.

In more recent years, the increased use of mobile devices has significantly benefited restaurants as more customers embrace the ability to place orders on the go.

The growing popularity of online food ordering is boosted by some very obvious benefits for both restaurants and customers.


Business owners think signing up with a large food delivery platform will mean more customers and more orders. It may start with an uptick in orders, but many large portals are only interested in total orders across all restaurants. They simply don’t care about your long-term success, as customers slowly get siphoned off to new restaurants added to their platform.

When you implement your own online ordering systems, you gain control over your pricing, custom-branding and the ability to interact directly with your customers and you begin to re-establish that direct customer relationship. You also, streamline your in-house processes, free up your phone lines from call-in orders and focus again on lifetime customer value.

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When you implement your own ordering system, customers can save their profile and payments in a secure system for easy ordering the next time they visit. You also have complete access to your customer history and contact information for future marketing efforts. With some platforms, you may not have access to any customer information, and if customers migrate to a third-party application, customers may not order with you the next time they are hungry.

More Benefits of Online Ordering Systems

Most restaurants will agree that the more orders they receive, the better. Since many diners prefer ordering online, we can be confident that if we satisfy that desire, it will result in more orders. 

If online orders result in higher sales—and studies prove that this is true—that means an online ordering system will result in a higher volume of sales as well as a higher check average. 

It’s just one click away.

Smartphone’s and tablets are a great boon to online restaurant owners. When studies are conducted it is proved that almost 69% of customers order food online using their mobile phones. Anyone can place an order quickly and painlessly whether stuck in traffic, on a break or riding the bus, etc. Placing the order over the phone and waiting until getting home is a better and highly desirable alternative.

Now it’s your turn

These benefits do not scratch the surface of the numerous benefits of Online Ordering For Restaurants. Setting up online ordering systems sets up a restaurant for efficiency, growth, and a steady increase in revenue.

Most people are online for hours every day. By implementing an online ordering system coupled with effective marketing strategies, you’ll not only meet your customers where they are, but you’ll also stand out as an innovative business.  If you’re new to online ordering, a good way to start is to encourage customers to order on your site by offering discounts.

Want to learn more about Online Ordering? Get in touch an Online ordering with our team today and watch how quick your restaurant will benefit from this great idea!


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