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How restaurants can attract customers post COVID19

Introduction If you are a restauranteur, chances are you have been hit badly by the pandemic. Amidst the current situation, we understand how hectic the crisis is for you with restaurants and cafes shut for visitors and sales continuously going down. But once the situation is under control, things have to be normalized again. BusinessesContinue reading “How restaurants can attract customers post COVID19”

Best Restaurant loyalty apps

The best loyalty program for patrons is one that really rewards customer spend behavior. Meaning, a program that rewards true value as a customer thereto a particular business.  Loyalty programs and owning an app offering great offers and discounts to customers are often a blessing in disguise. With complete control over customers’ choices, owners canContinue reading “Best Restaurant loyalty apps”


An alternative to the aggregator is that the online ordering system. This enables the business to try to things like process food orders and collect basic analytics on customer behavior. Although there are a couple of different features available on each platform, an enormous a part of the technology is that the support of pre-orders. CustomersContinue reading “ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEMS”

Top 5 Benefits of having your own online ordering app

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of expanding your food-based business? Certainly, restaurant and food chain owners get into business relationships with third-party food delivery apps with the hope that it will help their business grow, lure more customers, and eventually reform their small restaurant into a brand. ButContinue reading “Top 5 Benefits of having your own online ordering app”

Reasons for Restaurants to have their own Branded App

      1.Loyalty is usually returned Did you recognize that it costs 500% the maximum amount to accumulate new customers for your business than it does to retain an existing one? Yet, only 18% of companies seem to specialize in customer retention. you’ll work smart together with your customers by engaging them during a loyalty programContinue reading “Reasons for Restaurants to have their own Branded App”

7 Reasons for Restaurants to have their own Branded App

What is the world today without mobile phones and the Internet? A modern-day smartphone does almost everything for you, from telling you the weather at your location to the traffic around your area, from entertaining you with games to ordering food at your doorstep, all with the help of a few clicks. Mobile apps haveContinue reading “7 Reasons for Restaurants to have their own Branded App”