Reasons for Restaurants to have their own Branded App

      1.Loyalty is usually returned

restaurant loyalty app

Did you recognize that it costs 500% the maximum amount to accumulate new customers for your business than it does to retain an existing one? Yet, only 18% of companies seem to specialize in customer retention. you’ll work smart together with your customers by engaging them during a loyalty program apps for restaurants, making them feel special for your business and compelling them to return. Give special discount coupons to regular diners, reward them with points that they will redeem whenever they carry along a guest. Customize your app to treat every customer who supported his/her recent searches, frequent timings, and recurring outlets. But do restaurant loyalty programs work? The Infinite Cycle shows it definitely does!

2. Always get on their mind

As a restaurateur, you’d want only your brand to return up whenever someone speaks of food. to make this impression of your restaurant, brand awareness must be taken into supreme consideration while drawing your marketing strategy. Design a singular color combination and logo for your app such it stands out on a mobile screen. Inculcate a push-notification service with the assistance of AIPOS, the simplest POS system for Australian restaurants, to draw constant attention from users. Don’t miss a chance to remind customers about you.

3. Allow them to know where you’re

According to an overall study, around 82% of all smartphone users perform “Near me” searches, out of which 84% were on food! AIPOS embeds GPS services in your app enabling customers to look at nearby outlets and vacancy per outlet. you’ll also send notifications from the app whenever a customer travel by it. If your restaurant has outlets in many cities, you’ll feature your app to notify visiting users about your presence, also giving them directions to the closest venue.

4. Provide simple choice on the Menu

Complement mouth-watering dish names with appealing pictures and descriptions. Creatively categorize your menu supported the hour, weekday, and season, or declare “Chef Specials” often. you’ll even consider offering separate menu sections for various dietary needs. On weekends or holidays, highlight your trending dish under “Popular today” or “Best-selling”. This might boost your sales as people seldom go against public opinion, be it dining-in, take-away, or order through online ordering restaurant app.

5. Manages Order Centrally

Cloud kitchens receive orders from multiple platforms. Without an integrated software that manages orders centrally, there are high chances of missing out on orders while handling orders manually. However, an integrated POS compiles customer orders, alongside important details like location, preferred dishes, etc. which is pushed to the kitchen nearest to the customer’s location. This optimizes the order time interval, and therefore the order is delivered swiftly.

6. Online ordering systems

online ordering restaurant app

In-app ordering and payment improves in-store efficiency. Orders placed in-app are often seen by store staff immediately, where they will prepare it for immediate carry-out — making order fulfillment easier. Additionally, shorter lines mean your in-store customers spend less time waiting and staff has more bandwidth to supply improved experiences to in-store customers — a win-win for customer satisfaction. Accuracy also improves as in-app ordering reduces the prospect for human error when verifying correct order information, a delight for patrons who wish to customize their orders.

Investing in an app for your restaurant has the power to dramatically increase your customer LTV (lifetime value) and make happier customers. To form these mobile experiences seamlessly and accurately attribute every conversion and each install — work with a partner like Branch. Contact our team to urge started.

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