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The Advanced Guide to Online Ordering Restaurant App

Online ordering systems allow restaurants to receive orders from customers’ computers and smartphones. There are three main options for adding online ordering to your restaurant operation. You can create a branded online ordering website, use a Point of Sale (POS) with online ordering functions, or partner with a third-party delivery platform. Most restaurants use a combination of these options to create the most cost-effective online ordering systems for their business.

The best online ordering system for your restaurant is the one that allows you to retain a profit on the orders you receive. There are solutions at every price point, so even small restaurants can easily expand into online ordering. Some online ordering tools charge a monthly subscription fee, while others retain a commission on all orders placed through their system.

To choose the best online ordering systems, we considered the following factors:

Ease of use: It’s important that restaurant owners, employees, and customers can easily use the online ordering system.

Integrations: Some online ordering platforms do not integrate with other systems; one that communicates directly with your POS, however, will prevent a lot of headaches.

Ordering features: Ordering features like modifications, group ordering, catering, and scheduling orders allow an online ordering system function for many styles of the restaurant.

Order tracking: Any online ordering systems should notify the restaurant of pending orders, and allow owners to track orders through the system.

Customer accounts: Some solutions allow customers to create profiles with payment information and order preferences, which streamline orders and gives your restaurant valuable information for future marketing promotions.

User reviews: We looked at the user reviews available to see how actual restaurant users feel about the software.

Ordering Features and Tracking

Menu Drive allows restaurant workers to view orders in real-time from a connected iPad, which will also sound an alert when new orders are placed. You can also set up orders to print directly to the Menu Drive printer.

 online ordering restaurant app | restaurant online ordering app

Automated alerts and email notifications: These functions allow you to keep track of orders, even if your restaurant is offline.

POS integration: This function sends orders directly to a compatible POS, which in turn sends the order directly to your kitchen, keeping all your sales information in one place.

Delivery customization: Menu Drive allows you to set custom delivery zones and offer multiple delivery types, including pickup, delivery, curbside, and dine-in.


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