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The Benefits of Restaurant Loyalty Program Apps

Need reasons why your restaurant needs a loyalty mobile app?

Customize for Customers – A mobile app presents an opportunity for you to personalize all interactions according to the customer’s interest. You can personalize your loyalty program to reward your customers in a way they love it the most. Do they come often? Give them instant discounts. Do they come in large groups? Give them bulk discounts.

Build your Brand – A restaurant loyalty app can be fine-tuned to your brand’s color, tone, and voice. This mobile app can be your best way to become memorable to your customers. In order to build brand loyalty, create a brand-consistent mobile app that reflects your values and all that you stand for as a brand.

Reason Restaurant Mobile Apps are important-

1. Grow Your Bookings

2. The Value in Loyalty

3. Boost Your Brand

4. Gives an Answer for Every Question

5. Smarter Take-Out Orders

6. Better Processing of Payments

7. Stronger, Authentic Visuals

8. Improved Customer Engagement

10. Reach the Right Audience

Many restaurant owners are turning to loyalty programs to expand and retain their customer base. But are the costs of keeping the program running and offering the requisite discounts fully made up in the increase in sales? Participation in these programs, especially since they have gone online and mobile, has risen.  Before the advent of mobile programs, most restaurants used to punch or stamp cards, which required their patrons to have something physical on them at all times, and in reality, did little for the restaurants, and a lot for the consumer.  Mobile punch cards are more interactive, and restaurants even have the ability to send out updates and reminders geared only towards those in their loyalty network, which is a great incentive for customers to become part of the program.

Loyalty Programs Bring A Better Return on Investment

Compared to other marketing strategies, a mobile loyalty program is a fairly low maintenance and low cost.  Unlike television and online media campaigns, the message sent to customers is much more pointed and relevant, making customers much more likely to use them, for example, coupons.  The investment is smaller, and, yes, the audience is smaller, but the audience is also ready and willing to receive the message.  The people who opt-in to a restaurant’s loyalty program are those who want to hear company updates and receive those coupons, and they’re the ones who are going to use them.

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Loyalty Programs Increase Sales

With the shift to mobile programs, restaurants can now remind customers about their great menu and specials.  Often, all consumers need to see is the name of a restaurant around the time they are trying to decide what to have for dinner, and they will be inspired to choose that restaurant.  That is why there is an increase in food-service related commercials late in the day.  Loyalty programs can implement this same strategy, by sending coupons and promotional information later in the afternoon, influencing the choices of those who receive the messages. It may sound a little devious, but if you are looking for an increase in sales, hitting your most loyal customers with a well-timed reminder is the perfect way to get them back inside your doors.

Loyalty programs create a personal relationship between a restaurant and its customers. This personal relationship is encouraged by opt-in messaging and QR scanning—that is, instead of being constantly bombarded with information, the customer decides what information they want and when.  They choose how many messages they get and whether they want corporate news along with their coupons.

With a QR scan or restaurant loyalty app, the customer decides when they want to interact with you. This level of control makes them more likely to actually interact. The more the customer interacts, the more likely they are too spent money in your establishment. Loyalty programs don’t just create repeat customers, they increase sales overall and give the customer a more personalized experience.


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