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What makes a good POS system

In recent years, we have seen a massive demand for POS systems across the world due to the advancements and improvements in food-based businesses. According to a report by Finances Online, the global market for POS systems is expected to reach $29.09 billion dollars by 2025.

While POS systems are being used by many restaurateurs, the decision of choosing the same has always been a burdensome task. The customer-premise software comes with a lot of sophisticated and fancy options, often making restaurant owners confused whether it would work for their food-based business or not. Let’s make your task easy and help you understand what makes a wonderful POS system.

  • Hassle-Free Experience

The foremost thing to ensure is that if the POS system is easy to use for your employees. An excellent POS system should have a user-friendly interface, which can be easily operated by the staff.

At the same time, it should not cause any inconvenience to the customers as well.

In order to provide seamless service to your customers, the first step is to make sure they don’t have to wait for longer than usual to make transactions and avail your services. To settle this, AIPOS was curated with the vision to provide an easy-to-use interface and good hands-on experience to both in-house staff and customers.

  • Speedy and Accurate Invoicing

Reducing waiting time for making transactions should be on the priority list. If you are planning to buy a POS system for your business, it is important to look for one which offers fast invoicing with absolute accuracy. Further, the POS system should be fully equipped with swipe machines, bar code readers along with accommodating various methods of payment, including online transactions and EMV cards.

If we go by the trend, 73% of people prefer making payments through e-money over hard cash which was not the case a few years back. 

Swipe machines and bar code readers simultaneously form an important part of the entire billing and any fault in these equipment can make your customers annoyed thereby harming the image of your restaurant.

  • Easy Customization

Another important aspect of a good POS system and software is that it must be customizable and can be modified according to the requirements. Taking the example of AIPOS, the POS system comes with a personalized native app which helps you to customize the display content of your food business. You can easily modify food items on the menu and introduce appealing discounts, offers, etc and simultaneously update the changes at the back-end.

According to a survey by Finances Online, 59% of consumers claim that their decisions are affected by the customization experience. It is important for a restauranteur to keep updating recent offers to attract customers and form a loyal base. A good POS system is one which can store the customer’s preferences, frequency of his/her orders, and provide great discounts.

  • Detailed Insights

Who would not like a Restaurant POS system which can provide a detailed report of sales and inventory of the restaurants or cafe along with the performance of in-house staff or employees?

A POS system should be able to conduct these tasks smoothly and efficiently. This will help you ease a tremendous load of managing separate details for each employee and services. When looking for a POS system go for one which offers these additional features and is easy to maintain. 61% of business owners rely on modern POS software for improvements, claims another report by Finances Online. Better the features, improved the sales of your business.

  • Secure and fully encrypted

Security is a prime factor for determining a good POS system. You would not want your details to be accessible by third-parties, nor your customers would like to make insecure transactions and payments. 61% of retailers have moved to POS systems in order to prevent data breach and theft, mentions Finances Online.

A good POS system safeguards the privacy and security of your food-based business. AIPOS is a successful venture in this regard. It aims to provide fully encrypted transactions with absolutely zero risks of breaching of data.

  • Cloud-Based System

When you are planning to open a food chain, the POS system should be one of the things you should not worry about. A good POS system is one which is accessible over different digital platforms including backed servers, iPads, smart tabs, etc. Also, manually typing data over other servers when you are expanding your services is not justified. It should have a built-in feature of exporting data from one source to another over the internet.

Cloud-based POS systems have a reasonable advantage over other POS systems which are still operating on outdated technologies. 61% of restaurateurs prefer cloud-based POS software over their current POS system.

These were some of the must-haves for a good POS system. Gone are the days when owners used to manually record everything in a dedicated register. With advancing technology,  things have changed and every business, irrespective of the domain, requires a dedicated and organized system to work out things effectively and efficiently. The field of Artificial Intelligence is emerging with a wide scope in every industry and the food industry is not behind. Moreover, 15% of the business owners have already adopted AI for their POS systems.

AIPOS is a Point-of-Sale system based on revolutionary Artificial Intelligence in Australia. It was launched with the vision of providing seamless and premium service to the food-based business owners. With all the features of a good POS software and system, it has acquired a commendable reputation in the market within a few months only and continues to grow. The cloud-based POS system not only provides a seamless experience, but it also comes with features like product customization, push notifications, live reports along with a native branded app specially curated for your business. 

Last but not the least, live customer support acts as a game-changer for the entire food-based business. A good POS system with a terrible support system is of no good. Look out for something worth the investment. Visit us here to get across more informative content.


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